Tuesday, February 10, 2009


kedai tempat tshirt ini dibeli! hahah..kitschen denotes our geng is love to be at the kitchen!masak2!tp ye ke??haha (ask sufi n she will answer the ques!)

from left--> sufi, cat, wani, me, izzah n sheera..

so, why this post title is BANZAine?? ok..let me tell you.. "BAN" in mandarin language means HALF, where zaine is the short form of douzzaine in france, which means dozen= 6. since we are in the group of 6, so i create this name..ban=half, zaine=dozen.. halfdozen, which is equal to SIX! hahah.. complicated huh?? well.. you know right? life always complicated and blurr..huhu..but, i considered myself as a tough cookie and will fight if there, anything happen to me! definitely!

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