Thursday, March 26, 2009

tagged by serrashaheera!

do u think u'r hot?
oh well, i have to say 'NO! even though serra will say yes for me'*haha*

upload a favourite picture of you:

give three reason why you like this picture?
1. i guess this pic is cute*haha*
2. coz i am hugging sufi that time..hehe..are we lesbo?? haha..
3. no solid reason la..juz loveee it!

when was the last time you eat pizza?
lupe la..hahaha

the last song you listen?
Aslyn- that's when i love you *i damnly like this song!*

what are you doing now besides this?

what name you prefer besides yours?
i proud to have ASNIDA as my name! nothing suits me well than this!

people to tag:

who is num one?
the one with braces now!

num three is having relationship with? i have to tell this? yaya is not available..coz she is already married with tawfik! hahaha

say something about num 5?
my classmate! masa ASASI LAW..*omg..miss u la ayie!!*

who is num 2?
my childhood friend..*primary school*hahahha

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


how hurt to see her hand with that "stuff".. just hate it!!

due to some problems in my mum's blood, she was admitted.. n its juz make my life miserable..mummy..u r just like a song in my heart, just like oil on my hands, feel like i'll never be the same if something happen to you.. i hope and pray hardly to the God to let u sihat again..amiin.. honour to love u..


this is the new BARISAN PERUNDANG.. (Law Society of UKM) for new session..2009/2010.. congratulations and GOOD LUCK k teman-teman?? YES, WE CAN!

haha..for the first time, aku menjadi seorang timbalan I have all the criteria to be a secretary?? oh tidak... Yaya guide me please.. I noe nothing about writing the MINIT MESYUARAT.. OMG!! hahaha.. but, dont worry.. this cute girl is a fast learner.. huhu..

buah cempedak di luar pagar,
ambil galah tolong jolokkan,
saya budak baru belajar,
kalau salah tolong tunjukkan...^_^


huhu..its been a long time i didn't post anything in my blog..its all because of sudden problem occurred these past 3 weeks.. n life become pretty hectic where i couldn't find time to write anything..ecehh.. poyo plak.. so many things happen la..haihh!!but NOW, im back!! with tembam looks pulak kan?? kata ade problem makin mengKURUS...hahah.. pape je lah..