Tuesday, March 24, 2009


how hurt to see her hand with that "stuff".. just hate it!!

due to some problems in my mum's blood, she was admitted.. n its juz make my life miserable..mummy..u r just like a song in my heart, just like oil on my hands, feel like i'll never be the same if something happen to you.. i hope and pray hardly to the God to let u sihat again..amiin.. honour to love u..


  1. Get Well Soon, Auntie!

    As, mak ko kena admit kat hosp. mana? Dont worry, everything will be just fine. Sama2 kita doa..Amiinn..

    Masuk la baju ko dgn post ni.. ;P.

  2. ermmm.. nape wei? ak tkt la duk wad.. adoyai....

  3. hop ur mother wil recover asap.
    be strong ya!

  4. sabar ye as..
    huhu..aku doakan semoga beliau cepat sembuh