Thursday, March 26, 2009

tagged by serrashaheera!

do u think u'r hot?
oh well, i have to say 'NO! even though serra will say yes for me'*haha*

upload a favourite picture of you:

give three reason why you like this picture?
1. i guess this pic is cute*haha*
2. coz i am hugging sufi that time..hehe..are we lesbo?? haha..
3. no solid reason la..juz loveee it!

when was the last time you eat pizza?
lupe la..hahaha

the last song you listen?
Aslyn- that's when i love you *i damnly like this song!*

what are you doing now besides this?

what name you prefer besides yours?
i proud to have ASNIDA as my name! nothing suits me well than this!

people to tag:

who is num one?
the one with braces now!

num three is having relationship with? i have to tell this? yaya is not available..coz she is already married with tawfik! hahaha

say something about num 5?
my classmate! masa ASASI LAW..*omg..miss u la ayie!!*

who is num 2?
my childhood friend..*primary school*hahahha

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  1. trimas kerana mengetag aku. aku tak perasan sangat. nak je aku tag ko balik, tapi ko da buat. ehehehe. nanti aku tag ko balik ok?