Monday, January 10, 2011

better late than NEVA! peace yaww! :P

hi peeps! after about 5 months since my last entry, i am back! haha.. 
with a better spirit to keep on writing a story of my life and people around me!
i promise! insya Allah ;)
well, today is the 10th day of january in the year of 2011!
happy new year to all of u..
a bit late, i know, but hey..! better late than never right? huhu
everyone must have their wish list about what they want-to-achieve thinggy 
for this year, am i right?? 
well, same goes with me.. tetttt! haha..
its kinda a booster for me to have so called wish list even though 2010 wishes
still, banyak je yang x dapat buat! hahaha
but, takpe la kan??
so, hopefully you, me, both of us, and everybody will have a very 
warm, peaceful year of 2011! oyeahhh!
dont forget, to erase all sad memories that happened to you last year!
kosong-kosong la tau!
well, till we meet again...
take care!! salam ;)))

nota kaki: sumpah! aku excited gila nak tulis menulis blog nih. rasa macam  nak berbalas surat cinta. haha

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